Growing up in an environment that appreciated good looks but had very limited options, I always questioned the need to attend ceremonies and weddings or even show up at all, because I had nothing to wear even though I had a box full of clothes. I found out this was the problem with most ladies, and decided to put my long time and most domineering passion to use.

I decided to create a fashion brand that designs simple, classy and comfortable clothes for every woman, at a very affordable price. Something that reflects her awesome personality and enables her to have a confident approach to life.

Jemima’s Fashion is a Nigerian fashion brand that uses a mix of fabrics from different cultures to create unique pieces for different market segments. Jemima’s Fashion is particularly interested in helping women become more confident by making pieces that accentuate their inner beauty.


A premium female fashion brand, dedicated to creating confidence in every woman through style and patterns.


Jemima's fashion is dedicated to designing high quality bespoke and ready to wear designs, that reflects the inner beauty of the confident African woman


Our collection doesn't fail to complement your personality and style.